A downloadable game for Windows

Embark on your tribe's annual fishing trip, to gather food for your home.

Stay out of the water, and avoid your reflection.

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
Authorcaps lock
Tags3D, Casual, First-Person, Fishing, Horror, Singleplayer


MoonlightFishingIncident.zip 38 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the .zip file, and run the game through the .exe file within.


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Mysterious and atmospheric, is the best I can describe this game. I'm left wondering what the message is at the end and that's a good thing.

Really interesting horror. The atmosphere was super creepy!

Loved The Atmoshpere had A Great Build Up that Didnt end with a jumpscare which was nice but just feels like it needed A bit more  in terms of stuff happening but regardless had a good time with my Buddy Charlie R.I.P

A very creepy game, with terrifying sounds. Enjoyed it!

I really enjoyed it, good work :)

Very interesting game. It didn't dawn on me that the boats where missing until almost 3/4 of them were gone. Really good build up there. I just wish there was a jumpscare when you saw your reflection in the water. But overall, not a bad game.

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The atmosphere was great and I started noticing the ships leaving 1 by 1, it made me very paranoid. It was a freaky experience and the build up was great! I was hoping there was going to be a scare or something swimming in the water around us as we slowly sunk but the tension of wondering what was going to happen while the boat sunk was awesome! Can't wait for your next games :) I had the game in my 3 Scary Games series, thank you for making such a good game!


It was very atmospheric to be fishing on the moonlit water with lighted boats around us.

When we were fishing and the boats around us suddenly vanished, it was truly indescribably unsettling and frightening!


Very good game


I heckin' love fishin' brotherman! Great game, I enjoyed the atmosphere and eerieness of the game! :D


love your game thank you its amazing :)

thank you! strange bug at the end though, no clue whats causing that lol


well choreographed story, enjoyed this quite a bit! love a bit of fishing me